If we need our apparatus or equipment load tested for anti-ligature purposes, why should we choose Spruce Design Anti- ligature Services?

Spruce Design have been load testing anti-ligature equipment since 2001 when the first NHS alerts were starting to question the need for this service; We have undertaken tens of thousands of tests on such equipment. We believe that we have gained valuable, “on the job experience” through-out these years, and approach our work in a professional manor.

We have hundreds of documented photographic examples of incorrectly fitted rails, magnetic or polymer friction type fittings, and basic mistakes that have been made on what should be common sense items, see photos.

Why are hospitals converting all there curtains to disposable type, this must cost a lot more than fabric that can be cleaned and re-used?

Usually, hospital curtains are the only item not routinely changed before the arrival of a new patient. Beds and lockers are cleaned and disinfected, freshly laundered sheets and pillow cases are put on the bed, but the patients inherit the same dirty, and possibly infected bed curtains. The disposable curtain is impregnated with enduroside, a powerful agent that kills the MRSA bug within 30 seconds of contact.

Although initially the cost seems higher with disposable curtains, they are in-fact very cost affective, having a shorter change time, (Within 60 seconds), cuts down on valuable staff costs and resources, and no cleaning, means no expensive laundering bills.

What information would you need to give us a quote for testing our anti-ligature products?

We have now gained years of experience in estimating for most peoples needs .

Usually just a quick phone call were we will ask you a set of questions would be enough for Spruce Design to supply you an accurate quotaion.

You can also contact us with basic quantities of rooms and possible rail layouts, or for a small fee we can do our own survey and then give you an exact quote based on your needs.

Our hospital site is a long way from your premises, could this be a problem?

No most of our quotes are done from conversation with the client or plans sent to our office.

We work from Brighton to Scotland.


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