Antiligature Items

Goelst LRS Safety Track

LRS gliders for anti-ligature purposes

Goelst LRS-gliders has been developed to allow the controlled release of curtains from specific Goelst curtain tracks (ref: 4100; 4301 & 4701).

The gliders are made with a flexible, yet firm gliding foot and rotate freely in the gliding channel.

In everyday use the LRS gliders behave as ordinary gliders.

However, when exposed to sudden and/or high loads, the glider design allows it to be pulled out of the track. Use of the LRS gliders also helps prevent the track being pulled from its fixings - (important when considering personal safety).

Loads The LRS anti-ligature system incorporates both red and grey gliders. When loading is applied gradually, individual red gliders can resist up to 12 kg* and individual grey gliders up to 8 kg* of weight.

With sudden loading other values apply to both red and grey LRS gliders.

The red glider is released from the track with 1 kg falling from 5 cm. A weight of 0.5 kg falling from a height of 5 cm causes the grey glider to release.

This difference in response to gradual and sudden loading explains why the glider can function both as a normal glider as well as a quick release LRS glider.

The release of one LRS glider induces a ‘zip’ effect.

If the curtain weight is taken as a whole, separate glider loads cannot simply be added up.

There is always one glider that releases first, inducing an accelerated release of the other remaining gliders.



  • Antiligature Roller Blinds

KR20 / KR41 Anti-Ligature Roller Blinds

Defiant KR20 Sidewinder / KR41 Slow-rise spring roller blinds with Kestrel Anti-Ligature System.

KR20 Sidewinder – Metal bead-chain side control with metal brackets fixed to white aluminum back bar.

KR41 Slow-rise spring – Premium decelerator spring mechanism in slim 23mm /32mm /36mm barrel with plastic brackets fixed to white aluminum back bar.

Shower Rails

Movatrack shower cubicle rails

Movatrack anti-ligature shower cubicle comes complete with all wall, ceiling brackets pole hanger and curtain runners. The track comes in a variety of sizes and shapes to suit most shower enclosures.

We can also supply the matching flame retardant shower curtain to suit each rail set up.

Movatrack Cubicle Track

Movatrack hospital cubicle track system is in use in many hospitals throughout the world hygienic design easy to clean, quick and simple to re-instate after any incident. Just hold the rail up to the brackets and let the magnets do the rest, self-locating the rail back in position.

K502 Towel Rail

Due to the pleasing lines of the wall fix brackets the load release towel rail looks smart and functional.But apply an abnormal load and it will part promptly, efficiently and without damage.Available in two versions:

1. K502 with silver anodised aluminium rail
2. K504 with clear polycarbonate tube for added security

Both Come complete with tube, holders and two wall fix magnetic brackets.

K506 Rail Hook Set

The economical answer to any load release multiple hook requirement. The strong ABS hooks will slide on the rail for ease of positioning, and hang freely to ensure that the centre of  gravity of the load remains central.comes complete with lightweight aluminium rail, with holders and 2 wall fix magnetic brackets

K500 Wardrobe Rail Set

There has been a number of self-harm incidents reported involving fixed wardrobe rails, So any risk assessment should include a serious appraisal of this possibility.

The kestrel load release wardrobe rail provides the solution by suspending a lightweight aluminum rail from top fix magnetic brackets.

Under excess load the rail and its holders will part from the brackets. The alternative K530 features a clear polycarbonate rail (See inset picture) in place of the aluminum. Although its useful capacity is reduced it poses less of a weapons risk in violent situation.

Specifications: Standard unit 500mm complete with 2 holders 2 magnetic brackets and rail.

Longer rails are available using intermediate brackets and holders.

K510 stainless steel Soap Dispenser

Satin stainless steel soap dispencer with 1 mounting plate and 1 magnetic bracketSoap refill for K510 available please ask for product no: K510sp Antibacterial soap bag.

K512pw White Lightweight Soap Dish

A lightweight soap dish manufactured from white plastic and includes 1 mounting plate and 1 magnetic bracket.

Curtain Tracks

Vitesse Curtain Tracks

The Vitesse range of curtain tracks is one of the most comprehensive available. There is a Vitesse track for almost every application, from the lightest of net tracks, to heavy-duty corded or motorized tracks for large or heavy curtains.

Ultraglide corded Metal Track

Swanglide Extendable Corded Curtain Track

Smoke Detector Base ALD302L

Antiligature Base Ald302/L

Disposable Curtains

Dccl Curtains


Harrier disposable curtains with Endurocide



Vertika Impala system with Anti- microbial protection


Antiligature Blinds

KVL31A Defiant Blinds Features

Ligature Issues

The Door Opening Problem


Secured Pole Hanger Problem

Missing Parts

Secured Wall Bracket

Incorrectly Fitted Bracket

J Track Rail System

J Track Rail System


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