Reducing the risk of self-harm

Two areas have been identified as environments where persons are at greatest risk of self-harm: Mental health hospitals (including psychiatric wards in general hospitals); and prisons and detention centres. In these areas the incidence of self-harm by ligature has been a serious cause for concern. The Magnetic suspension system provides a highly effective means of greatly reducing this risk. It`s load release brackets are discreet, hygienic and attractive, and the system is in use in psychiatric institutions and prisons throughout the UK.

Ease of use

The patented system is simple and extremely effective. It will securely hold a range of items by powerful short-range magnetic attraction. When an abnormal load is applied the magnetic force is overcome and releases its load. And it can do this time after time without any decline in performance, and as there is no mechanical or moving parts that can jam, break or wear out after an incident all that is required is for the suspended item to be held immediately below the magnetic bracket and the magnetic force will raise the item and click it into its correct position.

Loading Figures

No part of a magnetic installation should be able to withstand a vertically downward force of more than 400 newtons. Equivalent to a static load of approximately 40Kg. Most readings will be in the region of 15-30kg depending on the configuration and proximity to brackets.


Sensitive electronic equipment may be damaged by proximity to a magnetic field and should not come within 15cm of the underside of the brackets. WARNING; Articles suspended from a magnetics suspension system will come down when pulled! Any load-release device by its nature, may cause damage when operated.

Anti-Ligature Testing

Spruce design supply and fit all the major brands of Anti Ligature Rail systems which operate on the principles of :

  • Friction
  • Polymer distortion (or)
  • Magnetic coupling

To provide the desired release mechanism. Fitting these systems requires a great deal of skill if they are to function reliably. The manufacturers have designed the release mechanisms to operate effectively only when the mounting points are properly secured and spaced along the rail, and adequate care is taken to install the units in a manner that allows the rail to collapse and prevent the attempted harm.

Our experience in auditing such systems leads us to believe that, in some cases, the true nature of the risk is not understood and persons who were not familiar with the operating principles have installed the rails. In order to provide you with demonstrable proof of the efficiency of the installed anti-ligature systems we can provide a certificate and annual audit & test for all of your rails and Anti Ligature Equipment.

During the audit we carry out a visual inspection of the overall installation (from a single rail, or fitting to complete wards) highlighting any obvious faults and problems. Following this visual inspection, we then continue to test the release characteristics of the systems to their release point. The force required to release is recorded along with any system faults identified during the process. See Ligature Issues.

  • Testing and auditing any new or existing Anti-Ligature product.
  • Clear detailed computer-generated reports are produced for the client with full layout diagram, and rail numbering. All release weights, faults found and upgrade suggestions for each rail system are also included.
  • We offer full fitting and Maintenance service of All Anti-Ligature products.
  • For Surveys and prices please contact Mr. Spruce on the Quick contact link opposite or call our office 9-5 PM Monday to Friday 0151-737-2525.

Rail Fitting Service

Spruce Design offers a full rail fitting service on any track or pole we sell, we only use our own fitters who are trained in- house to provide a courteous and efficient service.

As well as our domestic fitting service for straight or bay window rails, pelmet boards or poles, we routinely fit and repair rails in pubs, clubs, schools or stage and theatre, ( cable winch repairs, and re-cording of stage rope pulleys is a specialty of ours.). and we recently carried out an onsite repair on a sports hall divide curtain 100 ft wide by 40 ft high.

No job is too big or too small, and by not refusing any jobs we have kept trading when others have failed. Spruce Design have built up a trusted clientele over the years and we are renowned for our good old fashioned, straight talking, honest business ethics. As far as we are concerned, “The customer IS always right”.


As a big thank you to all our NHS and private sector customers ,

  • we are freezing all our current prices until January 2025,
  • If we have only just quoted, you for your antiligature testing and inspections then that is the price you will pay until January 2025
  • If you already have had a quote in recent months , don’t worry , we will honour that quote and freeze in until January 2025
  • And if you are looking for a new quote for all your testing needs then we will give you our usual economical quote and again, freeze that price till 2025
  • Unlike some companies  Spruce design will not inflate our prices to keep them steady for the future.
  •  We will stand all the increases, Cost of living, Fuel , Labour , so you can rest at ease knowing exactly how much your cost will be  for this 2-year period.
  •   During the past 2 years Pandemic and time of great  Uncertainty,   The NHS supported Spruce Design Antiligature  Services and helped them through the hard times to keep our head above water.
  •   We now feel that it is time to give back the kindness shown to our company by in effect , lowering our prices and not increasing them like so many companies have done .
  •  We hope in some small way this helps to get the economy , and NHS back on its feet!
  •  We are HTM66 Compliant  and as such we can test all types of Antiligature equipment
  • We consider ourselves totally unbiased and absolutely  independent, something no other antiligature testing company can whole heartedly  admit too!




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