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           Spruce Design are a  HTM66 Compliant company and as such we can test all your types of Antiligature equipment ,

  1. During the past 2 years Pandemic and time of great  Uncertainty,   The NHS have supported Spruce Design Antiligature  Services and helped them through the hard times to keep our head above water.
  2.   We now feel that it is time to give back the kindness shown to our company by  the following methods:
  •  As a big thank you to all our NHS and private sector customers , we are freezing all our current and new  annual Antiligature  inspection prices until January 2025,

 This Means  we will not increase our inspection prices for the next 2 years,  in effect , actually lowering them. as we will be standing all cost of living  , fuel and wage rises . and not passing them onto you like so many comapnies are doing now.         

  • If we have only just quoted for your antiligature testing and inspections needs  then that is the price you will pay annually until January 2025
  • If you have already had a quote in recent months , don’t worry , we will honour that quote and freeze it until January 2025
  • And if you are looking for a new quote for all your testing needs then we will give you our usual economical quote , and again, freeze that yearly  price till 2025
  • Unlike some companies,  Spruce design will not artificially inflate our prices to cover freezing a period of no rises !
  •  We will stand all the increases, including  Cost of living, Fuel and Labour , so you can rest at ease knowing exactly how much your cost will be each year  for this 2-year period and budget accordingly .

  Spruce | Design  hope  that in some small way this helps to get the economy , and NHS back on its feet!

Please call our MD Les Spruce for more details and to arrange a new quote.  Phone:-  office : 0151 737 2525   mobile direct  07885827232 


Spruce Design`s new Patented AntiLigature universal smoke detector Base ALD302/L with built in loop integrity circuit, easy re- install after a self harm incident by Simply offering up the 2 halves close to each other and the built in magnets and self locating tubes will do the rest, (it can not be fitted the wrong way) Once connected the 2 halves re-establish electrical contacts keeping the loop integrity intact. patent No: GB2628032. With universal smoke detector connectability, can also be used with a variety of other warning buzzers, lights or detectors.

Anti contraband lids, loop integrity, clean and hygenic exterior, and a release factor lower than 5Kg, this product would be a valuble addition to any area that requires antiligature protection for clients liable to self harm. For prices and availability please contact Managing director, Mr Les Spruce at [email protected] or read more on our product page ,including a specification sheet download.




   S.D.A.L.S      HTM66     Approved NHS contractors

Spruce Design was established in 1985 by Managing Directors Linda and Les Spruce.

They have successfully built this business up over the last 34 years by taking a hands on approach in all aspects of the soft furnishing trade.

Today we are based in childwall in the capital of culture town of Liverpool.

In the last 34 years we have developed an excellent and trusted

working relationship with NHS Trusts and Estate departments in the field of Antiligature systems, We now supply and fit all aspects of anti-ligature products including cubicle rail systems, bathroom accessories made to measure and disposable curtains to suit all wards, We can install, maintain and test annually any anti ligature product system and have a vast knowledge data base of these systems , which we use when testing and auditing for our clients.

Anti-Ligature Testing  (prices frozen till 2025)

Spruce design supply and fit all the major brands of Anti Ligature Rail systems which operate on the principles of :

  • Friction
  • Polymer distortion (or)
  • Magnetic coupling
  • plastic manipulation  e.i. silent gliss and Goelst Safety track and j trac

To provide the desired release mechanism. Fitting these systems requires a great deal of skill if they are to function reliably. The manufacturers have designed the release mechanisms to operate effectively only when the mounting points are properly secured and spaced along the rail, and adequate care is taken to install the units in a manner that allows the rail to collapse and prevent the attempted harm.

Our experience in auditing such systems leads us to believe that, in some cases, the true nature of the risk is not understood and persons who were not familiar with the operating principles have installed the rails. In order to provide you with demonstrable proof of the efficiency of the installed anti-ligature systems we can provide a certificate and annual audit & test for all of your rails and Anti Ligature Equipment.

During the audit we carry out a visual inspection of the overall installation

(from a single rail, or fitting to complete wards) highlighting any obvious

faults and problems. Following this visual inspection we then continue to

test the release characteristics of the systems to their release point. The

force required to release is recorded along with any system faults identified during the process.

Testing and auditing any new or existing Anti-Ligature product.

Clear detailed computer generated reports are produced for the client with full layout diagram, and rail numbering. All release weights, faults found and upgrade suggestions for each rail system are also included.

We offer full fitting and Maintenance service of All Anti-Ligature products.

For Surveys and prices please contact Mr. Spruce on the contact us link above, or call our office 9-5 PM Monday to Friday 0151 737 2525

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